If your looking to liquidate your inventory then you've come to the right place.  Comtech Liquidations is one of the largest liquidators in the world and we have been serving all of the United States and global customers for the past 15 years.  We are a leader when it comes to liquidating your old inventory, no job is too big for us.  Comtech Liquidations specializes in computer wholesale marketing solutions for companies that are closing down, downsizing or simply restructuring their old assets and upgrading due to unfortunate market conditions.

With over 15 years of experience with asset recovery and electronic liquidations, we have successfully managed to liquidate and sell computers and other electronics to manufacturers, distributers, lessees, corporate CIO/COO, government agencies and IT managers.  Comtech Liquidations have liquidated assets of some of the biggest names in the industry; including many Fortune 500/1000 companies. Comtech Liquidations purchases and sells all brand name electronics including but not limited to HP, IBM Techronix, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Dell, Cisco, Apple and many more.

Comtech Liquidations prides themselves on providing expedient, fair and reliable asset liquidation of your used merchandise, ensuring you get the best service in the industry at the best price.  Our liquidations department will oversee and take you through the entire process from beginning to cash in your hands.  We offer state of the art technology that will ensure you have piece of mind with all your private Data erase, wiped and destroyed.  Comtech Liquidations offers closeouts and low prices on networking gear and surplus electronics.


  • Create usable space by ridding excess obsolete hardware

  • Avoid costly EPA penalties

  • No cost for pick up of  equipment

  • Most cases, items can be picked up same day

  • Payment and same day pick up offered for items of substantial value

Comtech Liquidations Inc.